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 Then you orient the rods into the space between the folded tops, and then push the rods through the space to the end of the edge of the bag. I filled the bag with some water to test it out, and the bottom of the bag expanded and could be stood upright. Also obvious is the fact that the rods can be used for basically any bag of normal size, such as chip bags, sugar, or flour bags. An important consideration obviously for something I'm going to give to my newborn baby. Of course there are thousands of different containers, bags, etc. To open, all you have to do is push the Anylock rods in opposite directions and the rod assembly can of course be pulled out to be reused. The zipper bags use double zippers that I could tell were very sturdy, and were designed to be combined with a sealing rod for extra protection. Next I looked at the "Anylock Baby," which I had purchased specifically to store breast milk. I tried upending the bag and even shook it around, and not a drop leaked out.For more information and inquiry, Visit website http://www. There were two different types of storage bags: zippered and zipperless. I tried using a sealing rod with one of the unzippered bags, and the process was very easy and intuitive.jsp?prod_id=213. on the market that try to make kitchen and home organization easier. The separate rods and bags are what make China Lightning Arrester Manufacturers Anylock so versatile. The bags were also labeled to be hormone- and BPA-free, basic requirements in today's market.I recently had a chance to try out a set of products from a brand called Anylock. When I opened the box I found two different products, the Anylock rod and bag and a new anti-bacterial breast milk storage bag. The package was designed so that only a small corner could be lifted to take out each rod, and a larger opening should you want to remove the bags. They can be used for any bags and any application. I pushed in the sealing rod the same way I did with the storage bags earlier, and I could tell the seal was tight.wclassproducts. Basically, you put the food or anything else you want sealed and stored in the bag and fold the top over. The box that I received informed me that Anylock sealing rods and bags would "maintain freshness, seal odors, and keep food as fresh and crisp as the day it was first opened. The package came with 20 sealable bags and 10 rods. With a new baby on the way, we are always on the lookout for ways we can make the next hectic several months easier. The zipper bags resembled the common storage bags that could be purchased anywhere, and the zipperless bags of course are designed to be used with the sealing rods. The first thing I noticed was that the bags were labeled to be 100% antibacterial. I could immediately think of many uses, including storing food in the refrigerator or freezer, storing sterile baby toys and pacifiers, storing snacks for picnics and even for storing new or used diapers to make sure new diapers remain clean and sterile and used diapers stay sealed, without any odor emission.South Korea, April 04,2014/Free-Press-Release. And unlike bottles or larger, rigid containers, I could simply slide the bag in a purse or bag and take up much less space. Once the contents are used, of course, the bag took up virtually no space at all. However, we also look for products that can deliver safety, environmental consciousness and certified reliability in addition to convenience and attractive -- I've always been on the lookout for better ways to organize our kitchen and refrigerator." We'll find out if these claims are indeed Each bag was printed with a graduated label up to 200ml, which made measuring easy, and space for writing the date and other information about the contents. The Anylock bag was labeled to be certified by the FDA for its anti-bacterial materials.

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